Sail From Panama to Colombia or Colombia to Panama

 Whether you are backpacking in South America, backpacking in Central America, or simply looking for the next adventure travel experience to tick off your bucket list, a voyage on the Ave Maria could be just what you are looking for. With Ave Maria Sailing, you can sail between Portobelo, Panama and Cartagena, Colombia, or make the same trip in the opposite direction. Visiting the islands of the San Blas Archipelago, Panama along the way. A sparsely populated remote, paradise of 365 beautiful coconut palm covered islands. Many of which are uninhabited. Home of the indigenous Guna people who to this day maintain a somewhat traditional lifestyle.

A Budget, Backpacker Sailing Adventure.

 From the moment you board this classic sailing yacht you will realise that you will be travelling by a unique mode of transport. Transiting from one country to another by sea. Arriving at a new continent under sail. Truly a unique experience sailing across the Caribbean Sea. Enjoying encounters with pods of dolphins in the company of a small group of fellow travellers destined to become new friends.

Sailing Tours Between Central & South America

Your Captain, Paul and his partner Sindry will be your hosts, guides and crew. Be assured that they will do all that they can to make sure that you have the best experience possible. Having over eight years of experience providing sailing trips from Cartagena to Panama and Panama to Colombia they know the region very well.  Always supporting the local communities along the route which ensures you will be welcome at even the most remote stops.

Super Value, Budget, Backpacker Travel.

 Priced for the budget backpacking traveller at $550 per person inclusive. You will receive 5 nights accommodation, passage on the boat Panama to Colombia

or in the other direction.

3 generous, healthy home-style meals each day, fruit, an all you can eat beach BBQ and bonfire, a free cocktail in San Blas.

3 full days visiting the idyllic island paradise with opportunities to snorkel and explore the exquisite coral reefs which fringe the golden sandy shores of the islands. Fins, snorkels and masks are provided for your use. Convenient, economical transfer options are available for your onward journey.

Exploring an Idyllic Island Paradise

 Imagine chilling in a hammock under the shade of the coconut palms by the water’s edge. Gazing out over the sun-drenched vista, with so many shades of blue and a collection of tiny palm covered islands speckled across the horizon. Then heading into the water for a little snorkeling or a swim to cool down and revitalise… imagine sipping a cocktail as the sun slips slowly over the water past the horizon in a spectacle of colour like you have never before seen. These moments will become the memories that will stay with you forever.

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