PGCE: Did I Make a Mistake

This Is It

Dull, wet and bleak. That’s what the outside world holds for me right now. It’s 5:45 AM, I’ve had 4 hours sleep, maximum, yet I’ve never felt so alive. Light on, coffee made, shirt buttoned and a slight flick of the hair is all I need. By 6:15 AM, I’m ready and waiting at the front door. (more…)

How To Avoid Over Packing

The Nightmare That Is Overpacking 

I understand that most of you, like me, want to take everything and anything with you whilst traveling the world. Scared that you might forget something important, so you overpack. My girlfriend is a perfect example of those of you that do this. Including items in your luggage that you probably don’t need, making your suitcase overly bulky and heavy. (more…)

Croatia: Hidden Little Gems

Day Two

Moisture in the air, windows cloudy, skin damp. The morning sun poking its way through droplet paths as they slide down. 5:30 AM never looked so appealing. Eyes stinging from the distortion of time. We wipe ourselves down and make a plan for the day ahead. The choices for today, Coast or Lake?

Coast it is.


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