However you found me and whoever you are, thank you. Just know it’s a pleasure to have you here and I appreciate you checking my blog out. This space is one that I would like to think offers creativity, positivity, insight and even some entertainment.

So to start, my name is Tommy (much preferred over Tom or Thomas) I was born in a semi-popular town (popular to those born and raised in the UK), Blackpool, UK.

I am a Leeds Beckett University graduate with a BA Honours degree in Event’s Management (not sure how I managed that) and now currently progressing through the next huge chapter in the story that is my life. It’s as big of a mystery to me as it is to you. I’m hoping this blog keeps me sane and helps me inspire you in whatever way or form. You can follow me through the good and the bad in my life, keeping track of the things I get up to.

What’s next? Well, I’ve finished a PGCE Primary program at Edge Hill and currently pursuing my passion for teaching on the other side of the world in Asia. Throughout this year I will be embarking on new challenges, adventures, and discoveries that will help me find my place in this beautifully messed up world. So join me and somehow we will find our way together.

My goal is to make this blog as addictive as reading a book or watching a film, making you fully emerged and gripped to every moment. I hope you find value in what I write and are left wanting more.

Follow me on my social platforms to keep up to date. Share and spread the word if you believe there is value in my content.

Have a great day and I’ll be seeing you.

Life Of Sandy.

Current Location: Beijing, China.

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