Obviously as captured in the title this piece of writing is for those of you who want my 2 cents on what it means to change your career. It’s a process the faint-hearted should stay well away from. Something that scares and discourages even the best of us. But let me be the one to assure you that if it’s something you feel needs to happen then it will.

You Don’t Have To Stick With What You Know

I recently studied Events Management at university and gained a very high and respectable degree qualification out of it. Go me right… wrong. I had never felt so unprepared for anything in all my life. I would spend hours searching the web for jobs in my industry and be completely overwhelmed by their demands and job descriptions. How was I, a recently graduated student going to take the knowledge I gained from countless pages read in old dusty books and implement them into everyday life? Into a position that would leave me responsible for managing other human beings, something with their lives entrusted to me. If you are a graduate reading this then you know what I mean. It’s daunting and terrifying to think that all that academic research now has to make sense in the real work.

Personally, that wasn’t worth it for me. The stress of the adaptation from academic to real life just wasn’t appealing or interesting in my eyes. That’s when I realised, it isn’t the end. It’s never the end. Just change careers. Change what you know. Learn something different and change the way you process the information so you are not in this situation again. It’s never too late, especially in the day and age we live in.

The Big Change

So that was it, I change from the hospitality industry to the education industry and am now currently studying to be a primary school teacher. A massive change I know, but oh god I feel better for it. So, I am telling you. Yes, there will be the stress of feeling like you’ve wasted years doing one thing, and yes there will be the stress of going into something you have never experienced before, but just do it. Seriously, stop thinking and just take the leap.

The things you have done in the past have all lead up to this point in your life and you need to take what you know and what you have learned and use those skills to do what you want to do now. Don’t let the fear of failing at something discourage you and don’t let it control you. If you are determined and driven then you are the type of person that can change careers with ease, drawing the best out of any situation.

Keep On Building

Think of it as progression and bulk to the portfolio that is your life. Year after year, experience after experience you add to this portfolio. Gaining skills and qualities that are there to help you out later on in life. You might not want or need that skill now, but it’s a skill never the less and at some point in your life you will no doubt use it and be thankful that you have it.

Seriously, do not stress if you have no sense of direction or goal as of yet, just take life day by day and moment by moment. You never know what might happen. All you can do enjoy, be happy and be the best you can be at the job you are currently doing. No matter what the job, you can always make a difference with it.

I was once a waiter/ bartender in multiple restaurants and each time I changed jobs I was met with new challenges and new environments. In spite of this, I still tried my hardest to be the best I could be in the job role I was doing. Constantly thinking of the skills this job role is helping me develop and build. My communication skills and time efficiency became stronger as I progressed through the job, both skills that help me every day in my current career.

Don’t Be Afraid

If I still haven’t convinced you that you don’t need to worry about the end goal and just focus on the journey then listen to this. Like I’ve mentioned I have changed from hospitality/ management to education/ teaching, with this change I still don’t know If I want to be a teacher. I still don’t know if the teaching lifestyle and career is for me. But, do I stop and change again? Do I give it half my time and effort until I know for certain if it’s going to be the profession for me?

No. I take it day by day with the mindset that I will be the best teacher I can be. A teacher others look at and admire. A teacher others aspire to be like. No matter what I will do the best I can possibly do as this career journey will massively develop skills such as; social, communication, confidence, organisation, the ability to present and many more. All skills that are transferable and all skills that will help me be a better me. These skills are being majorly developed along this journey whether I want to stick at being a teacher or not, and that is my motivation. That is what I ask of you.

If you are stressed or anxious about your current situation re-read what I have just said and take away this;

“Be the best you can be in any situation/ job role and you will get the most out of any experience”

If you truly do put the most effort in, what have you got to lose? Even if the job in your eyes is useless, the skills and qualities you acquire are not.

I hope this helps.

All the best,

Life of Sandy.

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