Prague is one of the best cities to go hiking, becoming increasingly popular for its hiking mainly in the warmer months.

The beautiful city of Prague offers amazing hiking trails, beautiful architecture, spectacular scenery, cheap food and delicious drinks. Here is the list of 5 best hikes in Prague:

1. Karlstejn Castle

This is one of the most sought-after hiking trails in Prague. You can easily board a train to the town Karlstejn. There are many good café and food joints. You can walk up the hill passing through many shops. You can find beautiful souvenirs in the shops. The Karlstejn Castle is a charismatic attraction for tourists.

It is huge and has many picturesque locations. You dare not miss this as a one day trip. You will see the lovely waterfalls and delightful landscapes.

2. Velka Amerika Quarry

This Quarry was dug up for limestone but water has filled and it turns into a lake. The lake is 18 meters deep and 800 meters long. You must not miss the western end in case you want amazing photos.

You will find another quarry on your way to Velka, called Small Amerika. Small Amerika Quarry is the best place to rest for hikers. This is quite a long walk in the warmer months. You must pack a camping stove in your backpack. The best camping stove is the one which is light in weight and price.

3. Vltava Hike

This is an 8.5 km long trail along the river called the Vltava. This is the oldest trail in the Prague. You may visit anytime but the best time to visit this hiking trail is in the autumn.

You will find very rare flora and fauna on this trail. It is a smooth path with a few ups and down. You can enjoy this hiking experience with your family. Your kids will love this hiking trail. You should not forget to carry the important stuff with you. An ultra-lightweight camping stove with a fast burn is the best camping stove you must carry along with you.

4. Bohemian Paradise

This hiking tour is a pure piece of art and freedom. You can spend an amazing day in the Bohemian Paradise Park. It has many stunning views and lovely art pieces. This rock formation hiking trail is located just a few kilometers from the city Prague.

You may see various viewpoints with rocky landscapes. This is an amazing treat for the photographers.

5. Lovos and Milesovka

This is a mountain hike in the Prague city. This is a tougher hiking trail. You can visit there from the Czech Middle Mountains. There is a direct rail connection to this hike from Prague or Germany.

You will love this pointed mountain Lovos that is an extinct volcano away from the city.

The trail has some steep and tough forests. You will also find wider and better roads to relax and cook your food on your best camping stove.


You can easily find a number of hiking trails near Prague for a day trip or long trips. You can plan a great holiday in the capital city Prague. Make sure you pack all the important stuff for hiking and camping and most importantly an amazing camping tent for your adventure.

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