Youtube Channel Is Here…

Hey guys,

I’ve picked up the camera once again and decided to have another go at this whole Youtube life. Meaning you can now come and watch me stumble and fall as I attempt to adult.

Why Bother

I know you’ve enjoyed reading all about my life and the things I’ve been up to, so why not head over to the Life Of Sandy youtube channel and check out all its visual content. Treat it like your favourite series or show, binge watch it and patiently wait every week for new episodes.

You will find all the behind the scenes, insights to my life (good and bad) and information about relevant topics. Hey, you may even laugh and cry a little (I know I will).

The Big Reason

The reason I have decided to start this journey again is that I believe only writing about my weird and wonderful experiences isn’t enough. I mean it’s great to put it all down in writing so you can visualize the places I’ve been. But, how amazing would it be to watch a video backing all that up? You’ll not only imagine you are there but really get to see the places and the people for what they are. You’ll be able to experience all my life’s high and low points. Helping to create a tightknit community offering insight and support to one another.

Not to mention I get to document everything I do as I do it for years to come.

The main goal here is to show you every aspect of my life with the hopes that something I say or do sparks a fire inside you, helping to motivate and push you towards something amazing.

Sounds great right!

What Are You Waiting For?

Get to know me a little better, I’m sure you will be able to relate to what I’m going through and become as addicted as a teenage girl watching the Kardashians.

Come and join the family.

Most recent video:

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